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Something that must be taken into account when discussing the weather in Bariloche is the wind chill factor on the thermal sensation, those strong gusts of air makes the thermometer look like a liar. This is also true regarding the big differences between day and night temperatures. During the southern hemisphere summer, between December and March, day temperatures can reach 20/28ºC and, sometimes even more than 30ºC. At night these will drop down to below 15ºC. Obviously, the further we get into the cold season, the lower the temperatures. In plain southern hemisphere winter temperatures will be around 1º C / -10º C and at night below 0º C or less. But it is also worth to point out that the climate doses not respect much the calendar and its seasons, and thus, we can sometimes find ourselves with low temperatures and also rainfalls during the summer.

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Located at the foot of the Andes Mountains, Bariloche is surrounded by lakes, mountains and foothills. A great place for winter travelers to visit, Bariloche features skiing, hiking and water sports activities. During the summer, things heat up and beaches like Playa Bonita and Villa Tacul come alive with sunbathers and fishermen. The changing of environments allows visitors to enjoy a diversity of experiences in Bariloche

In the Cerro Catedral, the ski resort, temperatures will always be lower than in the city due to the relative altitude. The wind is also here another factor to take into account as you ascend. Annual average rainfall in Bariloche is approximately 500 mm., mainly concentrated during autumn and winter. The regular rainy season usually starts in the month of May. Thus it is always very hard to predict the weather in Patagonia.

There are no endemic diseases in Argentina and thus you will not need any special vaccination before visiting. Argentina is free of hoof and mouth disease, thus the there is no danger of enjoying a good steak. Sometimes a red tide will restrict the possibility to enjoy seafood on the shell. Local media will always inform the public whenever this happens. Argentina has an important network of hospitals, clinics and medical posts. In the big cities the hospitals are fully equipped to deal with most cases, however complicated, whilst in the most remote villages medical attention is on a basic level.



For the trip we recommend to bring rain proof jackets and trousers, thermally insulated shirts, polar windbreaker, sandals, headgear with earmuffs, thermally insulated gloves and socks, shorts, sunglasses with UV protection, sunscreen and blocks and chap sticks for your face and lips, sunshade, water proof hiking boots and other warm clothing. Now if you are travelling during the southern hemisphere summer months do not forget to pack shorts, T-shirts, sandals, sunglasses, bathing suits and comfortable shoes. Look also Bariloche Travel, Bariloche Hotels, Bariloche Flyfishing.