Bariloche Excursion Guide

Puerto Blest

You then reach Puerto Blest and have lunch, then continue with the ascent to Cascada Los Cántaros, following the falls by a 60 m. high stairway where you will be able to appreciate several waterfalls of great beauty. The area presents a thick vegetation and is one of the most humid points of Patagonia due to the influence of the Valdivian jungle. Puerto Blest lies in the core area (highest protection) of the Nahuel Huapi National Park a 700,000 ha large natural reserve located at the eastern slopes of the Andes from the foothills to the continental divide. The area provides a high diversity in habitat types: Puerto Blest, characterized by abundant hummingbirds which act as key species for pollination of several nectar-producing plants. Condors can be easily seen on high basaltic cliffs and black-necked swans on lake shores.

Cerro Catedral

The name Catedral responds to the resemblance of its towers to those of a Gothic cathedral. During the winter, ski is practiced both at a national and international level, competitions for professionals and amateurs are held, and other snow-related disciplines take place at the Antonio M. Lynch winter sports center.The excursion leaves along Av. Bustillo towards Llao Llao. After passing by the Playa Bonita harbor, it turns left at kilometer mark 8. When it reaches Virgen de las Nieves, the road on the right is taken. After passing by the salmon-breeding center, the tour gets to Villa Catedral, on the foot of the mount bearing the same name.Except excellent natural conditions, it has all the necessary infrastructure, which positions the resort next to the most famous ski trails in Europe.Several lifts leading to various platforms leave from the base. There are several coffee-shops and restaurants for all tastes. Skiers may slide all the way down the hill (during the winter) along the various trails, and visitors may go downhill on the gondola or chairlifts.

Bariloche Hotels


Victoria Island

The starting points for this excursion are: Bariloche and Puerto Pañuelo. It is a forest formation unique in the world with centenary specimens. The crust of the trees are cold, smooth and of cinnamon color. There are white flowers and purple fruits of a pleasant taste. A small house built in the middle of the forest and the deer living in the area, (Called Pudú-Pudú) small in size, were the inspiring muse of the famous Walt Disney for his cartoon "Bambi".Later you can embark to Puerto Anchorena in Victoria Island, where you can walk on different paths and visit a coniferous nursery. There is an option to use the chair lift to Cerro Bella Vista to obtain a panoramic view of the island and majestic Lake


Circuito Chico

It is almost compulsory that the first excursion done in Bariloche be the famous Circuito Chico, not only because it shows the most representative places in the mountain range scenery, but also because visitors may see and fall in love with this city in just half a day. The tour begins downtown, more precisely on Ezequiel Bustillo Avenue, which borders Lake Nahuel Huapi with a winding layout. This beautiful water body, which deserves an independent chapter to describe it, is the largest lake in the region and, with its 55,700 hectares, is present almost all through the tour. The first stretch, in addition to urban architecture, includes the houses of pioneers, the Nautical Club and the Melipal neighborhood. As buildings are left behind, the scenery near the Nahuel Huapi begins to change. From this point, it shows off cypresses, maitenes, coihues and ñires, among other typical trees. In summer, this road acquires shocking red and yellow colors from the rose hip bushes, blackberry and raspberry plants and the gorses which bloom all around.